Embroidered fish handbag

Competition time – win a bag for Spring!

Who doesn’t love to wander through a fresh food market? The strange and colourful species, the exotic theatrical vendors and the vague horror of the smells and unidentified slime underfoot. The wet market is a daily pleasure and a rite of passage for anyone lucky enough to live nearby.

I would far rather shop at a fresh market than in a ubiquitous and sterile supermarket, apart from the culinary potential there is the visual feast and the display that is so exciting. I still find it a rich source of pattern, shape and texture and I am sure it was frequent market shopping with my mother when I was a child that sparked my interest in fish and animals.

wet markets hong kong

I felt both fascination and pity for the tightly packed and splashing tanks of live fish and the roiling buckets of catfish and eels. Laid out on the glittering ice shards under red plastic lamps were rainbows of parrot fish and richly freckled garoupa . There were lurid pink Thread Tails, yellow bream and cool indigo and silver mackerel.

A commonly seen market fish is yellow Pomfret which has an elegant swept-back shape, smooth blue-gray colouring and  graceful yellow fins. It also has a wide-eyed surprised expression and was one of the first fish I tried to depict in lino print.  We used this print in a few different ways and you can see it on both our original red island life bags and on the bright pomfret sarong. Then we tried turning the original lino print into digital embroidery.

We were really pleased with the result and it led to our popular collection of marine themed Slouchy Pouches, which are perfect for relaxed weekends and holiday living. The faux leather strap keeps the bag high up under your arm for safety and inside the cotton lined bag there is another pocket for organisation. This little bag is perfect for market adventures but would be equally at home at a beach barbecue or for evening drinks at the Yacht Club.

We are giving away a Pomfret Slouchy Pouch to one lucky winner who correctly answers:

‘Which yellow-finned fish caught Karen’s eye in the wet markets when she was a child?’

To enter the competition email us at info@ with the answer in the title and we will pick a winner next Tuesday 18th April!




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