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A Conversation Over Coffee


Lauren: We need to write a press release for our business launch on Thursday 21st November 2013.

Karen: Eeeek!

Lauren: we need to give them the facts. It’s a mother daughter business. It’s a start up. It’s about Hong Kong…

Karen: It sounds such a cliché! What can we say that shows we are not just another start up in Hong Kong?

Lauren: Well, it’s based on your artwork and no one has artwork like yours. And your artwork is all based on your childhood and growing up in Hong Kong; that’s unique.

Karen: Actually, it’s a brand about having fun. It’s not for everybody, and not everybody will get it.

Lauren: How do we describe ourselves then?

Karen: If you’re carrying a Louella Odié bag, it will be obvious. We’re not calling it a fashion brand, because we want to follow our own path and produce beautiful products that resonate with strong women who want to stand apart from the crowd.

Lauren: So, you’re saying we’re a lifestyle brand?

Karen: No, I would say we’re not just a lifestyle, we’re an attitude.

Lauren: What are we going to say specifically about this first collection?

Karen: Well, all of the Skyline designs, which come from drawings of Central in my sketch book, capture our urban landscape. They have been turned in to bags which are made from high quality leather (US$250). They are perfect for taking either to the office or out on trips around town.

All of the Island Life collection comes from lino prints hand made here in my studio. They are all about markets, flowers and nature in Hong Kong. They are large, practical weekend bags (faux leather, US$160) with roomy pockets, which can carry everything you need for a junk trip or a day at the beach.

Lauren: What about silk? We haven’t mentioned that at all.

Karen: Oh yes! Tell them about our gorgeous Skyline scarf (100% silk, US$160) which matches the bags and the silk pocket squares (US$38) – which is supposed to be for men, but which all of your girlfriends wear as wristlets or wrap in their hair. Do we need to tell people where they can buy Louella Odié? Because that’s your department!

Lauren: Yes, I’ll tell them about our website, and that we are also actively seeking retail opportunities in Hong Kong.

Karen: Don’t forget to mention that we will be at The Pawn in Wan Chai on Sunday 24th November with all our stuff for their first ever Rooftop Market. 20% of everything we sell that day will be donated to their chosen charity, St James’ Settlement.

Lauren: Yes, those are all the important bits. I guess I’ll write this press release now then.



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