FWeasel FuckWeasel Valentine Soap

FWeasel Organic Handmade Soap – We’ve Got Your Back


  • Handmade in Scotland
  • Organic ingredients
  • Hand made in using soaperie garden herbs – Orange and Marigold scent
  • Arrives boxed and wrapped in tissue paper
  • FWeasel pin and story leaflet included
  • We can add a personal message to the postcard included in your delivery, Free of Charge. Please write your message in the Notes To Seller box at check out.


  • FREE SHIPPING for this item

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Valentine’s Day isn’t really our scene, but whether you are in a relationship or not, everyone needs reminding from time to time that someone has got their back. Our FWeasel was created as a reminder from Karen to Lauren that she had family support during a difficult time at work (full story here!), and since then we have sent out hundreds of FWeasel pins to people around to world who have requested them for friends and loved ones going through a tough time. We believe everyone has the resources inside ourselves to achieve what we most want to do. It is just that really believing that is so difficult. Sometimes you have to be reminded to clench your buttocks and grit your teeth and go the extra, scary, mile.

For Valentine’s Day this year we have created a Limited Edition FWeasel Soap in collaboration with Caurnie Soaperie. Each bar is handmade in Scotland contains organic ingredients and is made using the traditional coldprocess method. Caurnie Soaperie is the oldest and last working soaperie operating the coldprocess method in the world. Coldprocess means the oils retain natural glycerine (or glycerol) to help make the soap cleanse in very gentle way, retaining your skins natural oil mantle more effectively.

Each bar of soap comes with a Fweasel Pin and FWeasel Leaflet included.