Large teal grey Handprinted Fish Finger Linocut Print wall decor arthand made lino print carvingKaren Mead in the Louella Odie Studio

Large Teal/Grey Hand Printed Fish Finger LinoCut Print


Three linoprints from an open edition made and signed by Karen.

It has been designed and carved into linoleum and hand printed using water based ink.

Inexplicably they feature (bottom to top): a garoupa, a barracuda and a mackerel, topped by a fish finger.



Printed on acid free- art paper

Size is 53 x 73 cm.

Colour: a beautiful soft tea/grey (please note some slight colour variation may occur as these are hand printed items)

Please note there is no frame provided with the print. Each print will be posted rolled carefully inside a cardboard tube.

Printed in our studio on the Isle of Wight

Made in Great Britain


What is lino print? 

A linocut is a type of relief print. Relief printing is when a piece of paper is “stamped” with ink from the top surface of the plate.

Other types of relief prints are woodcuts and engraving. Essentially, a linocut is the same as a woodcut but the plate isn’t wood, it’s a piece of linoleum, and because of the softness of the plate, it is easier to carve.

When you carve your lino you are cutting away the area that will be white and leaving the area that will be black (or coloured if you are printing in colour). You can read more about Karen’s process in her blog post here.