About Us

At Louella Odié, the sea, sunshine and the quirkiness of island life is in our DNA. We started up in Hong Kong; a city on an island. We moved a little West to the glorious and tiny island of Lamma which clarified for us the lifestyle we love best; relaxed, colourful and a little eccentric.

'We' are a mother and daughter team, Karen (me) and Lauren. We took the Louella from my middle name and the Odié from my mother as a nod and a thank you to all the strong women in our background.[LINK to How To Pronounce Odie]

But really we are a family business roping in all whose expertise we can inveigle.

We are now settled on new islands; my studio is on the wonderful Isle of Wight while Lauren is putting down roots on the island of Malta. Thanks to technology we scheme and meet up on line and keep up our quota of adventures in sunny places which inspire our collections.

Our relaunched Louella is a reflection of where we now find ourselves. It feels more important than ever to value the materials we use. To be more creative and bespoke and less wasteful of everything we touch. You will see one-off items made by me such as prints and hand-printed fabric. Other items will be made locally by the small group of seamstress we have been lucky to find on both our islands.

We are passionate believers that different is good and unique is best. This goes for what we make but it also goes for everyone around us. This brings us to F'weasel, our mascot,our spirit animal, my alter-ego.

To read the story of how F'weasel began click here. 

F'weasel is the voice in my head, the asker of tricky questions and the prompt I need to fight the powerful tendency I have to meander my way through life. F'weasel is my feminist self that wants the best for my daughter but also wants the best for woman everywhere. F'weasel is the grit that reminds me to 'get a grip' in my life and so, from early on, we hid a F'weasel pin in every bag we made. We thought, and still think that every woman deserves their own F'weasel whilst believing that actually everyone has their own inner voice that knows what is right and fair.

We are proud that F'weasel has developed a life of their own and continues to grow in feisty-ness.