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Hadron Collider

Our Weasel pins continue to be extremely popular and we are still posting dozens every week for free to anyone who wants one. I love the reaction when women read the story (you can read the original story in full here) or discover that their Louella Odié bags contain a weasel stud on the inside pocket.

We receive lots of messages telling us why the weasels are needed and saying they love the idea of a secret club. I have been thinking about how the weasel meaning changes from person to person. When I made the first one for Lauren it was partly to show support for the problems she was experiencing at work but mostly to remind her that I was sure she could get through the difficulty she was having.

When I made my own weasel, it was as a talisman for the launch of Louella Odié because I felt horribly shy and exposed to be standing up and saying, ‘look at what I have designed’.

Since then people have said the weasel stands for anything from resisting bullying at work to helping heal a broken heart. It has been sent as a gesture of support between women who recognise that gumption and bloody-mindedness and laughter is sometimes our only weapon against the daily crush. What does it mean to you? Please tell us, I really would like to know.

We also have a few very special hand-embroidered weasel pins which we are offering online now. They would make an excellent gift for anyone embattled, but I also think they might be a perfect token of love for Mother’s Day as I am a great believer that mothers are the worlds super-heroes.

Karen & Lauren

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