We have received requests for FWeasel pins from people all over the world. Here are some of our favourite FWeasel Stories

Hi Weasel,

Just love your story. Please please can you send me a pin for my mom? She needs to stay strong after I bust the wing-mirror off her beloved car twice in one month!

A weasel pin will be the start of my really-really-sorry-mom campaign.

Thank you so much.

Emmie, Hong Kong

Adore the *uck weasel story! It has lovely connection too for my old chum Sarah – her polite term for popping to the ladies is to announce that she’s “off for a weasel” – which always makes me chuckle!

I love Fuck Weasel’s feistiness, it’s just what we need and I Shall loan mine to my 15 year old daughter for those particularly tricky days. She is leaving for NYC & I’m sure Weasel will be very handy there too.

Tania, Hong Kong

Hi Karen and Lauren,

Just a quick note to say thank you for the weasels!

Normandy Weasel – owned by my mum, Carole – has been packed off to France to oversee the installation of some high-tech German triple-glazing quite soon, but will also need to get its paws dirty laying pipe work for radiators, re-pointing stone walls and fitting a kitchen, so I do hope it’s had its Weetabix.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong Weasel is helping to nurse my family back to health after we were all given salmonella poisoning by a restaurant last week. The restaurant won’t admit liability – I’ve heard that all lawyers are weasels, but are all weasels lawyers? We may, need to test this theory out quite soon.

Kate F, from accidentaltaitai.com

Dear Weasel, and everybody else at Louella Odié,

While I’ve only discovered your brand, I couldn’t help but be drawn in by the F*ck Weasel pin. My girlfriend is a long-suffering architect who not only has to put up with the rampant sexism and misogyny of the profession, but my own spectacular ability to redefine the definition of the word “stupidity”.

I would love to be able to have her receive a pin from you, to show she’s not alone and that other women are going through similar struggles.

Please let me know if this is possible!

King regards,

Ken, London

Then there are those who didn’t realise they already had a weasel hiding in their bag until they stumbled upon the story on our website after shopping…

DOOOOD!!! I have a fuck-weasel!!!

I loved my bags (ordered when high on morphine following surgery – best stoned purchase ever) and now I love them even more. I just went looking and found my fuck-weasels.

Every woman and girl should have one. I shall be giving my spare to my eldest daughter on her 13th birthday. Teenage girls need a personal fuck-weasel more than most.

Thank you ladies, you are an inspiration!

Liz, online customer

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