Weasel Words


This is the F••• Weasel I made for my mother a while ago. (My mother is the original Odié, who we named our business after.)

Her solution to any domestic panic is to cook extravagantly which is why this one is armed with prawn-pistols. I accidentally made this one with a too-strong spring which means the weasel pops out it its pot and terrifies the cleaner - so I inadvertently captured another side of my mother's personality!
Yesterday I sat with her through ten hours of grueling facial surgery and no amount of prawns or weasels could make light of the situation. What it has shown me though is the complex web of family and friends who are there offering help and covering all the mundane but vital things that need attending to despite the world shifting on its axis. To them a big thank you. That really is the spirit of the weasel.


I also wanted to say to all you beautiful tropical ladies - and men, please please wear sunblock!
For the full F••• Weasel story, please see our original blog post here.
Karen x

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