What Our Customers Say About Us

We love to get feedback from customers to hear what they think about our designs and how those products fit in to their individual lifestyle. This week we received this lovely email from a loyal customer which we wanted to share with you: 

From Cruzanne M.


"I am not very good at having a handbag.


I require one – of course – as I am always lugging around loads of ‘important stuff’. But my bags tend to deteriorate super quick, filling with crumbs (the origin of which remains a mystery) and fluff and bits of crumpled paper. My life seems to be a series of perpetual and obscure errand-running tasks which require me to carry around changes of clothes, packed lunches, books, shoes and anything else you can think of. Due to my ungainly lifestyle, before I purchased my Louella Odié Lattice Tote, my preferred day to day bag of choice had become a Jason’s Marketplace reusable shopping bag for its ease of use, (with a slightly nicer brown leather sack I took to meetings). My new Louella bag, is, in a word – brilliant.


First up, I absolutely love the print, it’s clever and witty and interesting without being overbearing. I find it compliments so many different situations, both formal and casual, and it lifts whatever I’m wearing. I’m not a very stylish person but I definitely feel more like one with this fella on my arm!


The actual bag shape and design itself is so sympathetic. The handles are smooth and comfortable, it’s light, spacious and, a favourite quality, so easy to keep clean! The addition of the zipped and attached extra pouch inside and the internal pocket, are like a little hint for me to organise my seven hundred lip balms, earrings, keys and headphones instead of letting them fall to into the great abyss below. Size-wise, I’ve loaded this baby up with armfuls of books, lunch Tupperware and more and it hasn’t even creaked under the pressure – it’s made beautifully.


I genuinely love my Louella Odié bag and would recommend one to anyone. Especially anyone who, like me, is not very good at having a handbag. Now, I love having one. "


Thank you Cruzanne, you made our day!



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