Weasels Words: Tackling Hassle With Humour

Over the next several months Laura Dunn will be exploring what the F*** Weasel means to the creators of Louella Odié, their friends and followers. We’ll be sharing stories of overcoming hassle with humour and how to find our inner grit at the darkest of times. The F*** Weasel is an expression of our personality and with over 100 F*** Weasel pins sent out to followers around the world we hope our little friend will bring you luck and courage! We recently asked our followers for stories of how they have called upon their weasel at times of great stress.

One of our most dedicated Louella Odié fans, Jade B, has taken the plunge and is sharing her story of how she tackles hassle with humour. 


How did you tackle hassle with humour?

Unfortunately for most of us "chained to the desk" workers, dealing with hassle and the stress it comes with is what we're paid for. Learning to smile when the proverbial hits the fan is a difficult process so enjoying the little things that make you laugh, and being grateful there are those little things, is what I think life is all about.

What does the F**k Weasel mean/symbolize to you?

My F**k Weasel is constantly sending me positive vibes from inside my bag. A little pink cheerleader saying "Sh*t happens. Take it easy, you can deal with it!".

Who do you look to for inspiration and strength when times get a little tough?

Interestingly all my tough times are work related so my business mentor is whom I most often go to for inspiration at solving problems. When times get tough I find myself thinking too much about the situation and every possible angle to deal with it. Hence, my stress is more easily solved by my sports related hobbies (specifically chosen to be very tiring) which put me to sleep before I start mulling too much. I am an avid kite surfer and I also practise Muay Thai - there is nothing like beating up a sandbag to clear your mind!

What are your tips for dealing with a difficult situation?

Recognise that you can't solve everything all at once and walking away to calm down is my top tip. Sometimes you have to be satisfied with doing nothing - that's a solution too! Great, long suffering friends with a sympathetic ear, a bottle of good wine and a trusty opener to wind down are essential as well.

Why are you a fan of Louella Odié? 

I love Louella Odié for the inspiring way they incorporate everyday Hong Kong elements, original flair and often witty humour into their designs. Looking forward to what the dynamic duo will come up with next, whether it's a new print, bag design or their creative Instagram posts which always brightens up my day!

We’d love to know what your F*** Weasel means to you, and how you’ve overcome a tough time through positivity and a few laughs. Get in touch with us by emailing louella@louellaodie.com

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