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We love to receive feedback and we're gratified when we hear that somebody has taken the time to look at our website in detail. Laura, who writes the wonderfully diverse blog Political Style, contacted us recently to say how much she enjoyed discovering and reading about our F***Weasel story. Laura is a prize-winning journalist, writer and entrepreneur, and after a discussion with her we thought it would be a great idea to allow her to develop the weasel concept with us. She understands the intention behind the F***Weasel, and the important role it plays in our business. So, take it away Laura....

Laura interviewing Julia Gillard recently

"Scrolling through the Louella Odié website I came across a bright pink animal symbol. The bright colour piqued my interest- what was this icon all about?"

The F*** Weasel is an inner expression of Louella Odié’s personality, and it's journey is a personal one. An intervention from the predictive text function on Karen and Lauren’s mobile phones created the fun and feisty "F*** Weasel" auto-correct typo, and it soon developed a personality of it's own and became a familiar friend and a pillar of strength for facing hassle with humour.

When Lauren was becoming tired of a sanctimonious work colleague, Karen (her Mum) made her a real life 'F*** Weasel'. Visually triumphant, it sat in a purse and held a fabric version of the colleague by her throat in a battle of good vs. evil. The feisty beast reminded Lauren that although she had to be quiet, she didn't have to let the browbeating get her down. 

Since this moment, the F*** Weasel has been a part of Louella’s collective journey. The F*** Weasel represents the inner grit and resolve that we all need to call upon when facing a scary challenge. Launching Louella Odié certainly fits into this category and Karen made one for herself when the business set sail!

Many of Louella’s family and friends have since received a F*** Weasel at moments of particular stress in their own lives, and this faithful friend has turned into a talisman. The F*** Weasel is hidden inside all of Louella’s bags waiting to be discovered, and play a role in the lives of Louella Odié fans.

Weasels have travelled around the world to women who need them most!

My own F*** Weasel travels with me wherever I go, and whether I pin it to my jacket or stash it carefully inside my tote, the F*** Weasel is a strong visual reminder of finding my inner strength and pushing forward to achieve my dreams.

Creativity, colour and confidence are the strengths of Louella Odié, and the combination of the F*** Weasel and their unique creations are inspiring women across the world to face their own challenges with grace, strength and a little dash of humour.

Over the next several months we’ll be exploring what the F*** Weasel means to the creators of Louella Odié, their friends and followers. We’ll be sharing stories of overcoming hassle with humour and how to find our inner grit at the darkest of times. The F*** Weasel is the inner expression of our personality and we want to know how you've called upon yours.

To be featured in Louella Odié’s special series, send an email, sharing your challenge and how you overcame it. We can’t wait to be inspired!

From one Weasel to another,

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