Interview time: Emma Lauren of Dog and Pony Vintage

This month we're shining our interview spot light on Australian blogger Emma Lauren of Dog and Pony Vintage. The Hong Kong blogging scene is still quite small, so when we first came across Emma's beautiful Instagram page, with it's exquisitely composed flat shots, we were intrigued - who was this person who never showed their face but who created such gorgeous photos?

We were lucky enough to catch up with Emma for a chat about life in Hong Kong, and she created some beautiful still life shots using our Blue Bouquet Scarf ...

Please can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself (How long have you been living in HK and where is 'home' for you?) 

I am originally from Adelaide, Australia and I moved to Hong Kong with my boyfriend four years ago. We planned to only stay a few years but Hong Kong has well and truly become our home. Now I really feel like Australia and Hong Kong will always be in my heart.

You create beautiful images for your Instagram and blog pages. Do you do all your own photography, and if yes, is this something you've self-taught or did you also work professionally in this field before? 

Oh thank you so much! Yes, I take all of my own photographs (unless they are of me and otherwise credited). My minor in Art school was Film Photography, then after graduating and moving to Hong Kong I started taking pictures for fun and posting them online. Now I style and create photos for different companies and help companies and brands develop their social media.

What is your favourite place in Hong Kong?

My favourite place in Hong Kong is definitely the Prince Edward Flower markets-it is like walking through a giant garden. My favourite place for Dim Sum is the Maxim’s in City Hall (note, Louella Odié tested and approved, best har gau in Hong Kong!). I love spending my weekends relaxing and avoiding the crowds on Lantau Island.

Is there anything you wish you had known about HK before moving here? 

Haha, before I moved to Hong Kong I was expecting it to look like the set of Blade Runner! (stupid I know) So it was a nice surprise to realise it isn’t always dark and raining! Hong Kong is such a combination of old world and cutting edge that it is impossible to describe, I have really loved just exploring it’s streets and experiencing it firsthand.


(Emma's greyhound, Argos, getting in on the act!) 

What is the best advice you have ever received and why?

Do what you love in life and everything else will follow. I really believe that if you are passionate about what you do then what you produce will be that much better, and success can only follow.


Can you tell us about 1 woman, in any field, who really inspires you and why?

My Mum. She’s always inspires me to work hard, do my best, eat right and always be kind to others.

Thank you Emma! Follow Emma on Instagram to see her latest work.

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