Interview time with The Duality bloggers, Nat & Gabby

After starring in our recent Look Book campaign, we took the chance to catch up with Gabby & Nat, the creators behind the fashion blog The Duality to ask them a few searching questions! 

1. Why did you decide to start a blog together and what does your friendship bring to the blog in particular?
N: Gabs and I met each other when I moved to HK for work as we have mutual friends based in Melbourne. We got along immediately and I thought she had a very cool style. After we had been friends for a few months, Gabs told me she had been thinking of starting a blog. I thought it was a great idea and that I would love to do the same but was too shy to go it alone. She suggested we do a blog together and that’s how the Duality was created. Inspiring, I know :)

The blog is a way for us to express our enjoyment of fashion and explore our styles. I think we have styles that are complementary but not necessarily the same; we will often buy the same piece without realising but style it in quite different ways. We also travel a lot, and that passion is reflected in the blog. 
G: The idea behind The Duality, besides there obviously being the two of us, is to showcase the dual sides of our wardrobes - going from work to play, day to night, and showing how one can style the same items in both of those settings. It's about real life and working with a real wardrobe! We have a genuine dialogue, depicting the pieces we picked up in our travels or have coveted for a while; when we started, we made a pact to only put forward an honest representation of ourselves and our interests. Thankfully, we see eye to eye on a lot so it's been easy to stick to that motto. We also have a lot of fun doing it, otherwise we wouldn't have continued - it takes the stress away from the intensity of our jobs. 

2. Are the majority of your readers from Hong Kong or other countries and how do you think Hong Kong is perceived on the international blogging scene?
N: Our readers are mostly from HK, Australia and some of the European countries like Denmark and Paris. So it is quite a global readership, and I think that’s because our styles are quite European with a bit of inspiration from Australia, HK and the places we have travelled.  HK is pretty new to the international blogging scene when compared to some of the Scandinavian countries or Australia, which makes it easier for new entrants. There are some really great blogs but honestly there are also some very “local” blogs which don’t translate easily to the international blogging scene.  
G: I think Nat has it spot on - we have an international readership because I don't think that our styles are particularly bound to one culture or one geography. 

3. Where do you look to find new independent designers in HK?  
N: Just walking around usually! I love to spend the afternoon exploring a new neighbourhood and places like Tai Hang and Sheung Wan have some very cool boutiques with local wares. Social media is helpful in identifying new brands and as a blog we are alerted to new things with press releases etc.  
G: Exactly, wandering HK's side streets to find those little gems. Also, I would have to say I discover a lot from meeting other people. There are so many times when I've seen someone wear something I love and I've actually just gone up to them in the street to ask where it's from!  

4. You obviously both travel a lot. What is your one travel essential?
N: A cashmere scarf: blanket, shawl, eye mask, pillow, whatever you need it to be!
G: Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream, for everything. 

Time for some quick-fire questions!

5. Which one makes an outfit in your opinion: shoes or handbag? 
N: Shoes
G: Shoes, for sure.

6. Pick your favourite: tea or coffee? 
N: Coffee (definitely)
G: Tea, Earl Grey specifically.

7. Do you have a personal motto, and if yes what is it? 
N: Maya Angelou is very inspiring and there are a number of quotes from her that I strongly identify with.  
G: "There is never a better time than now." 

8. Who are your top 3 dream dinner party guests? 
N: Hunter S Thompson, my grandfather who died a week before I was born and maybe Barack Obama. That would be a weird dinner party.
G: Oprah, Richard Branson, Oscar Wilde - such big personalities and charisma, it would no doubt be highly amusing and they would definitely have the wine flowing. 

9. If you were the Fashion Police what would you ban? 
N: Uggs as office wear. It happens way too often at my bank.
G: VPL - a visible panty line does no favours.   
Make sure you check out The Duality for the latest from Nat and Gabby!

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