10 unexpected things you learn when you work with family

1. Laughing is great, but it doesn't get the work done.
2. Recognising and respecting that you each have a completely different skill set makes you a better team.
3. Knowing the other team members really well means you can take big risks when proposing crazy ideas.
4. If your Director is your Mummy, she is always your Mummy.
5. The office is never truly closed. Talking business over dinner will annoy other family members
(too bad, sorry Oscar!)
6. Every joke is an inside joke!
7. Every business needs commitment, but when it’s family you know you can’t quit
and you just have to make it work.
8. “How are you?” is now code for “have you done the invoicing?”
9. You know how to read the signals when the other person has
had enough and needs some time out!
10. Posting on social media is an exercise in trust!
Have you worked with family? What else would you add to this list?



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