Hidden Hong Kong

We saw these posts about Hong Kong's 174th anniversary, and it reminded Karen of Waterfall Bay which she had not visited for ages, so we decided to go on a mini adventure so that she could show this spot to me.

Waterfall Bay, looking over the Lamma Channel

The waterfall, which is situated below Wah Fu Esate on south side, was first written about in 1748 and then charted by the Admiralty a few years later. It is thought that the name "Fragrant Harbour" was given to Aberdeen harbour by local fisherman because of the fresh water from the waterfall. It became a well known stopping-off area for ships re-provisioning on their way to other ports around Asia and the name Fragrant Harbour later came to refer to the whole of Hong Kong island and Victoria Harbour. The waterfall actually gave Hong Kong it's name. (Find out more about the history of the bay here)

Going for a little scramble up the waterfall

We went back to Waterfall Bay yesterday and even in it's dry-season diminished state it was still a surprisingly tropical and impressive sight, although it does seem a shame that such a historic spot should be so neglected and blighted with the usual seaside pollution we find around Hong Kong. It would be interesting to come back in the rainy season and see how much more water is coming over the falls. 
After we'd spent some time at the falls we went rock hopping to investigate the intriguing little shrine installations all along the coast facing the Lamma channel.

Discovering private views of the Lamma Channel

Karen being King Canute, commanding the tide to stay back!

A contemplative moment

We met up with a man who had built, and was adding to, his own eccentric follie. He's already built a Titanic bow and he's adding Tin Hau statues and traditional gourd sculptures. He was very friendly and insistent that we took photos of us posing on the bow!
Once we'd got this far along the coast we had no choice but to scramble up the hill and climb a fence to get back to the road, before heading off on a new adventure to find dim sum!

Notes for explorers: *It's worth noting that access to the bay was not the easiest and in fact big waves from passing ship wakes make this a potentially dangerous area for young children or the unwary.*

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