Weasels Around The World

Do you remember when we introduced our Fuck Weasel earlier in the summer? 

If not, and you're now sitting in your chair staring at the screen and thinking "weasel what?!" follow the link here to read the full story!

We believe that everyone has the resources inside themselves to achieve what they most want to do. It is just that really believing that is sometimes so difficult. Sometimes you have to be reminded to grit your teeth and go the extra, scary, mile.


Our Fuck Weasel pins were designed to be just that reminder - in fact there is a weasel sewn inside every bag in our new collection, secretly tucked in to the inner pocket so that only the woman who carries the bag will know that it is there. We asked our fans on Facebook and Instagram to share their stories with us where they had needed to call on their inner weasel, and we've been posting weasel pins out all summer to those we felt most needed one. 

As many of you will know, we come from a family of sailors. Racing, cruising or just being on the water in any way has been a huge part of our lives for years now. When we are not on a boat ourselves we are reading, talking and thinking about it! One race in particular catches our imagination: the Volvo Ocean Race. This is a round the world race in which teams of 12 race each other across four oceans, stopping at ports in 5 continents during the nine month event.


For this edition of the VOR we were particularly excited when it was announced that there would be an all-women team for the first time in more than a decade. Team SCA is made up of some of the most recognizable names from women's sailing from across the globe, and Karen and I decided that as they definitely each deserved a Fuck Weasel, as our gift and best wishes to them as they take on this formidable challenge! 


14 weasels (for the race squad) and 5 weasels (for the shore crew) were duly dispatched to Alicante for the race start, which takes place at 1400 local time tomorrow, and we are delighted to think that there will be weasels going around the world with the crew! 


We would like to take the opportunity to publicly wish Team SCA the best of luck, safe sailing and good winds for the first leg of the race. We will be cheering and following their progress online as they progress around the world. We hope the weasels look after you! 







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