Fishing For Ideas

One of our earliest resolutions when it came to deciding what images to use on our products was that it had to be led by our genuine interests. It takes hours to cut a detailed lino-plate so I focus on the aesthetics of that and worry about what to do with it later!
Above is a compilation of images of me working on the shark print. I am strongly pro-shark and anti-fining and I was thinking about an image which I could use in that context, perhaps as a poster.Instead, after printing I dramatically shrank the image on the computer, and it became a pattern on our best selling pocket-square. What I love about working this way is that it doesn't preclude using the image in all sorts of different ways - look out for a shark sarong coming soon.
Here is the original print in a poster format, with it's working title (The Possibility of Soup in the Minds of the Ignorant)



In other news, our Shark Print Silk Pocket square is now back in stock. Snap them up whilst you can! (sorry, bad punning) I'm still playing around with this design at the moment. Couldn't resist putting a banker in with the sharks! Wonder if we should order a batch of these?


                                 Karen x


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