Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club
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Oceans and islands and every shade of blue

Long term Hong Kong Yacht Club members get misty-eyed about this club, it’s history and it’s stories. Many claim that it is one of the BEST yacht clubs in the world. It is definitely an important part of our lives and as so many of our prints are directly linked to the sea we are very pleased to be represented there from today in the newly refurbished Ship Shop where you can now find a selection of our handbags and accessories.

pop up sales
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Summer Party

We’re partnering up with designer brands from Madrid, Colombia, Canada and of course from Hong Kong for a two week summer pop-up in the heart of central HK.
Join us for the opening night party on Friday 24th June from 6-9pm. There will be free flow wine and drinks available and we would love to see you there.
Please RSVP to info@ with your name and surname.
The pop-up shop will be open daily from June 24th – July 7th from 11am – 9pm daily.
Lattice pattern-lattice scarf-fuck weasel brooches
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Back by popular demand!

Have you got exam stress?
VERY long summer holidays with teenagers pending?
Or want to show support to a friend who has?

Sadly our Weasels can’t fix it – but they can make you smile and remind you that ‘this too shall pass’

We put Luck Weasels inside all of our handbags and we send enamel weasel pins around the world (for free) to anyone who requests one, but when we had some special brooches made and put them on our website last month we were inundated with orders and they sold out fast, ready to be sent around the world as tokens of love and support.
I am happy to report the new batch of hand embroidered extra-strong grit-and-gumption weasels have arrived and are waiting to be sent to all those special people that need reminding that not only can they clench their jaw and get over whatever obstacle is in front of them but that we are all cheering them on from the sidelines!
summer lifestyle gift fair-Hong Kong
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Come meet us in….Admiralty!

Everyone knows that the Conrad Hotel Fair is the biggest and best fair of the summer season!

Come see us next Friday to shop our latest designs (including our new Organiser Bags) You will be able to find us front and centre through the main doors, ready to show you beautiful sarongs, inspired Hong Kong gifts for friends and family or just to have a chat and a catch up.

We hope to see you there!

Pink and white flower print-peonies-toes
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Hadron Collider

Our Weasel pins continue to be extremely popular and we are still posting dozens every week for free to anyone who wants one. I love the reaction when women read the story (you can read the original story in full here) or discover that their Louella Odié bags contain a weasel stud on the inside pocket.

We receive lots of messages telling us why the weasels are needed and saying they love the idea of a secret club. I have been thinking about how the weasel meaning changes from person to person. When I made the first one for Lauren it was partly to show support for the problems she was experiencing at work but mostly to remind her that I was sure she could get through the difficulty she was having.

When I made my own weasel, it was as a talisman for the launch of Louella Odié because I felt horribly shy and exposed to be standing up and saying, ‘look at what I have designed’.

Since then people have said the weasel stands for anything from resisting bullying at work to helping heal a broken heart. It has been sent as a gesture of support between women who recognise that gumption and bloody-mindedness and laughter is sometimes our only weapon against the daily crush. What does it mean to you? Please tell us, I really would like to know.

We also have a few very special hand-embroidered weasel pins which we are offering online now. They would make an excellent gift for anyone embattled, but I also think they might be a perfect token of love for Mother’s Day as I am a great believer that mothers are the worlds super-heroes.

Karen & Lauren